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Handcrafted Straws for a Healthier Planet

Handcrafted Straws for a Healthier Planet

Honoring those who put themselves on the line for us daily is important. It’s a great show of respect and reverence, plus, it feels great to do, too. By that same token, we all want to do more for the environment, too. Here at Straws for Heroes, we realized that there had to be a way to combine the two. That’s why we offer handcrafted straws that use fewer materials and are thus better for the environment in a variety of ways. On top of that, you can find a straw to support those who protect us. 

Reusable Handcrafted Straws

How many straws do you think you’ve gone through in a week? In a month? In a year? If you’re like so many people, it’s quite a few. For a majority of us, straws are for one time use. You drink through a straw and then you throw it away. While that may be convenient for us, it’s not good for the environment. Materials have to be used to make the straw, energy has to be used to dispose of it, and so forth. Our reusable straws get around that. These straws are made once and that’s it. You can reuse them over and over again for a long time to come. So, using these straws allows you to drastically reduce your carbon footprint. 

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Sturdy Straws 

Of course, these reusable straws wouldn’t be terribly “reusable” if they fell apart or crumpled after only a few uses. That’s why we made them out of some of the best materials possible. Made of 100% pure polished aluminum, these straws are strong enough to drink out of for years to come. Beyond that, they also have a ceramic top coat, too, for added durability. Every single one of these straws has been crafted by hand, too. That means they have the craftsmanship that only comes from true professionals putting them together. 

Looking Great While Honoring Our Heroes

You might not be able to notice that these straws are made out of polished aluminum to look at them. That’s due to the rows of glittering crystals that are studded across the length of the straw. These crystals correspond to different groups of heroes that help to keep us safe and secure. Green is for the military, so your purchase supports the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Blue refers to the “blue line,” our police, so the purchase supports the Police Unity Tour. Pink is for “hope,” which means, specifically, the hope that we’ll soon find a cure for cancer. That’s why this purchase benefits the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

The Right Cause, the Right Straw 

No matter which straw you pick, you’re supporting a good cause as well as the environment. Easy to clean and carry, these straws can be a boon whether you’re having a drink at home, on break at work, out for dinner with friends and family, or anywhere else. To see our complete catalog or to learn more, check out our site.